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Jeri will likely need blood and/or blood products during these next courses of chemotherapy.  At least that's what Dr. Murali says.  We've been asked whether it's possible for family and friends to donate blood on her behalf.  The answer is yes, depending on the circumstances.  Direct donations of blood can be made if you have her blood type of "O positive".  Donations of any type can be made in her name.


  1. Directed donations of platelets or the same blood type can be made at the Texas Children's Hospital donor room.
    bulletTo allow sufficient time for pre-transfusion testing, blood donations must be made at least 48 hours before their expected use.
    bulletQuestions concerning donor eligibility should be referred to (713) 791-6608.
    bulletAppointments for plateletpheresis must be made by calling (713) 791-6608.
    bulletDonations may be made at several locations, including,
    Texas Children's Hospital Donor Room, Suite 150 Feigin Bldg.  Call (713) 770-5410 for hours of operation.

    Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, 1400 La Conche.  Phone (713) 791-6608.  Monday-Saturdays 10am-6pm.  Closed Sundays

  2. Donations can be made in Jeri's name at any location or blood drive of the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.  Donations need only be designated in her name and she will be entitled to blood from the bank.  (I've already made my donation & will make another as soon as they let me.)


  1. Directed donations cannot easily be made.  It's possible but not too practical.
  2. Donations can be made in Jeri's name & directed toward the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


Patient's full legal name Jeri Britton Parker
Social security number

email Brit or Virg.  

Don't want to post it.

Patient's date of birth May 26, 1986
Hospital name, city

Texas Children's Hospital        

Houston, Texas

Intended date of usage October, November,  2000     
Blood components needed (i.e. P.RBC, FFP, CRYO) Yes
Physician's name and office phone number

Murali Chintagumpala

(713) 770-4242


Directed Donations

Information from the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Web site.

What is a directed donation?
A directed donation is blood that is donated by designated individuals to be transfused to a specific patient.  All directed donations MUST be requested by the patient's attending physician(s).  Directed donors MUST meet the same criteria as regular blood donors.

How do I arrange to receive blood donated by family or friends?
A physician's written order MUST be faxed to the Autologous and Directed Program of The Blood Center.  The physician may obtain a "Request for Autologous/Directed Donation" forms by calling 713-791-6608 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.  It is the responsibility of the directed donor to make sure the written order is sent by the physician to Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center (GCRBC). The following information is mandatory so that we may process the physicians request properly:

bulletPatient's full legal name
bulletSocial security number (If a social security number is not available, then the patient's hospital medical records number)
bulletPatient's date of birth
bulletHospital name, city
bulletIntended date of usage
bulletBlood components needed (i.e. P.RBC, FFP, CRYO)
bulletPhysician's name and office phone number

What qualifications must friends or family members have to donate blood for my use?
All directed donors must meet the same basic health criteria as regular donors.  They must be in good health, at least 110 pounds, and age 17 or older.  Certain medical conditions and/or medications may make people ineligible to donate blood.

Will the blood donated for me be tested?
Yes. All blood donations are blood typed and tested for infectious diseases as required by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and AABB (American Association of Blood Banking).

How can I be sure the blood donated for me will be available for my usage?
The Blood Center will make every effort to see that your blood is available when you have your surgery.  There are circumstances, however, that could prevent your donations from being available for use. These circumstances include a positive laboratory test result for certain infectious diseases, not enough time between collection & processing of the blood and intended date of use, the breakage of the blood collection bag during component preparation, etc.

If for any reason a directed donation does not meet the criteria mandated by FDA and AABB, the unit(s) will not be released for transfusion purposes and the specific reason will be provided to the patient's physician. It will not be made available to the patient or their family. This provides a measure of confidentiality for the directed donor.

How soon before my surgery should the directed donations be made?
Directed donations must be made no later than 3 days before and no earlier than 10 days before scheduled date of usage.  This takes into consideration expiration date of product drawn and allows time for The Blood Center to do all testing, screening procedures and transportation of the blood to the hospital in time for patient's use.

Can I receive blood from family members or friends in an emergency situation?
No. All blood must be tested and processed before transfusion. This requires that the donation be made at least 72 hours before it is needed.

Where can my family and friends donate blood for me?
Donations can be made at any Blood Center facility (see back page).  Directed donations will not be accepted at mobile blood drives.  The donor MUST call The Blood Center facility of their choice to schedule an appointment for their directed donation.

Is there a charge for directed donation?
Yes. An additional fee is charged to the patient for each pint drawn to cover extra processing and administrative costs.  These fees are charged to the hospital and will be included in the patient's hospital bill.

Will insurance cover these costs?
Insurance policies vary, and it is up to the patient to determine whether the costs associated with this procedure will be covered by the patient's insurance carrier. It is recommended that this information be obtained prior to the donation(s) being made.

What if the people donating for me live outside The Blood Center's service area?
In most cases, blood can be donated elsewhere and shipped here.  Your donor should check with their local blood center.  All charges associated with these donations must be prepaid prior to shipping. ALL units must be received at GCRBC no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled date of usage.

For additional information you may contact the Autologous and Directed Program at 713-791-6608 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Or you can e-mail for information.


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