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Rene's Party

Pictures Anyone?

Here are a few pictures to check out if you have the time.  Click the thumbnail to see the full size picture, then use you Web browser's Back button to return to this page.

August 18, 2001

These pictures are very large and could take a while to download.
August 1, 2001
Family Pictures
July 26, 2001
Jeri and her Mom
May 12, 2001
Jeri1_May_2001.jpg (25780 bytes)
Here's Jeri after getting her hair washed and styled.  Spiky.....
April 8, 2001 

Jeri1.jpg (33664 bytes)    Jeri2.jpg (35390 bytes)    Jeri3.jpg (34932 bytes)

Jeri4.jpg (58675 bytes)    Jeri5.jpg (51395 bytes)    Jeri6.jpg (70701 bytes)

Just a few pictures of Jeri showing off her new hair cut.  It's down, for a casual look.
Sunshine Kids - Trip to Las Vegas, March 11-16, 2001

Sunshine_1.jpg (32729 bytes)        Sunshine_2.jpg (37095 bytes)  

Kristina, Nurse Katie, Jeri    Kristina and Jeri
The Houston Group

Sunshine_3.jpg (35868 bytes)    Sunshine_4.jpg (37988 bytes)

Jeri and a friend            The whole group
Valentine1.jpg (45618 bytes)    Valentine6.jpg (45645 bytes)
Isn't Valentine's Day gonna be grand!.
Jeri_the_Viking2.jpg (36718 bytes)
Testing out the hat that Dad brought Jeri on the last trip to Norway.

2000_Lombardi_Award.jpg (52905 bytes)   

Jeri with the 2000 Lombardi Award candidates.  l-r - Jamal Reynolds - DE - Florida State (winner), Dominic Raiola - C - Nebraska, Steve Hutchinson - G - Michigan, Ben Hamilton - C - Minnesota
Jeri_and_Lamb_Chop_1.jpg (75489 bytes)    Jeri_1.jpg (66621 bytes)    Jeri_2.jpg (65659 bytes)
Jeri striking a few poses before going out for lunch and shopping

Dad.jpg (53462 bytes)

Jeri had to test the camera before I could take her picture


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