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Schedule of Events

bullet8/1 - The pain medication continues to do it's job.  Maybe a bit too much.  Jeri slept quite a bit during the day.  One thing we did accomplish is to get a family portrait taken.  Virginia had wanted one for years and there was always a reason to delay and yes, one of the big reasons was me procrastinating.  Jeri had wanted to have her own hair the last time the subject came up.  One of Virginia's tennis teammates is a professional photographer so Virginia retained her to come to our house for the shoot.  She also got a picture of Randi and Jeri together.  We hope they come out good.  I'm sure the girls will look great.  The camera is always kind to Randi and Jeri.
bullet8/2 - I was remiss yesterday in not saying how well Jeri did during the photography session.  She was somehow able to shine each time the shot was made.  I don't know how she did it.  She obviously knew how much the picture meant to the rest of us.  Today was relatively quiet.  A few visitors.  Jeri is mostly resting.
bullet8/3 - Jeri didn't want any visitors today.  The drugs have kept her out of it most of the day.  It's been heartbreaking to witness how rapidly she's declined.
bullet8/4 - Not much to add today.  The drugs are keeping Jeri pretty much out of things.  She also turned down chances for visitors today.  I'm starting to wonder if the reason we see her like this is to make it easier to let go.
bullet8/5 - Jeri was awake and alert for a brief period this morning.  She tried to eat a piece of sausage and biscuit.  She didn't get too much of it down but gave a good effort.  She also watched most of Sleeping Beauty with her sister.  The drugs finally took back over and she reverted to her more suppressed state.  One of her former Jr. High teachers came by for a few minutes today.  I'm not sure that Jeri knew she was here.  I would be remiss if I didn't say how much Randi has done the past few days.  She sleeps in the room with Jeri every night and takes care of Jeri's needs.  She's also done anything and everything during the day.  She definitely gets bonus points for giving of herself.
bullet8/6 - Today was a pretty good day as days go.  Jeri surprised me as I was leaving for work at 5:45am this morning.  She had her lamp on and was holding her water glass by herself.  She was awake and alert.  She was that way most of the day until tiring out early this evening.  She even ate a bit today.
bullet8/7 - Not much change today.  Jeri had a bit of time where she was awake but also a lot of time to sleep.  I think she needs the rest.  It's always hard to tell with the drugs.  A certain physician came by this evening to see how she was doing.  He came by as a friend and neighbor.  I won't give his name, otherwise I might ruin his reputation with his other patients who might was house calls themselves.  Thanks Doc.  He's always treated Jeri as someone special.  I suspect he treats all his kids that way because they are his kids, not just patients.
bullet8/8 - Jeri was asleep or out of it most of the day.  The pain medicine is doing it's thing.  She's says that she's as comfortable in that respect as she's been in quite some time.  Most of you have probably figured out by now that there is a lot that's not in these daily updates.  It's getting to be a challenge to find something to write.  Much is left out for the sake of Jeri's dignity and privacy.......But I'm sure everyone understands.
bullet8/9 - This has not been a good day.  Jeri is now running a bit of a fever and is dehydrated from not drinking water.  I fear that our time with her is almost at an end.
bullet8/10 - Jeri left us early this morning.  She went peacefully in her sleep.  Details of the arrangements for the final leg of the adventure will be posted as they are completed.  Thanks to everyone who has supported Jeri (and us) through this ordeal.  Now all that remains is the final chapter and time to reflect on Jeri's short life.  She's dancing again.......  Click this link for the details on the final journey in Jeri's Unplanned Adventure.  There are still loose ends to wrap up.  We'll post a copy of the family picture that was taken on August 1.  I'll also make a final posting to "I Need a Stiff Drink," but I need some time to collect myself and my thoughts.
bullet8/15 - We had Jeri's funeral yesterday in Silverton, Texas.  It was a graveside service at the Silverton Cemetery.  She was laid next to her paternal grandmother.  I'm sure that they have already started catching up on all the things that have happened in the past few years.  We had requested that the casket be opened so that we could say our last goodbyes.  We regret if anyone was offended.  It was for us to say goodbye one final time before giving Jeri up to return to the earth.  We have many "Thank You's" that we'll make in due time.  I'd like to take a few lines here though to thank my two uncles, Judge Edwin Norris and Reverend Elvin Norris for delivering such a fine service; to Randi for finding the courage to sing as Jeri wanted (and thereby erasing any dry eyes that might have been left);  to all the family and friends who came to spend time with us, many of whom drove great distances to be there; my friends and colleagues who came from Bartlesville and demonstrated that work is second to family; all the people of Silverton who fed us and comforted us; to the people of the Methodist Church for hosting our herd for lunch; and to the mystery person who mowed our grass while we were gone.  I saw many friends and family members who had lost sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives and have found the courage to continue on and remain good, solid people and great contributors to life in their homes and communities.  I hope to take inspiration from them to remember the wonderful things about Jeri and live in a way which will make her proud.
bullet8/18 - The memorial service was held today at the Prince of Peace Catholic Community in Houston.  (Before anyone asks, Virginia was raised Catholic and I was raised Baptist.  We decided to have the kids follow their Mom.  However, in these extraordinary circumstances, we've somewhat followed both.)  Once again, I was overwhelmed by the numbers of people who turned out for the service.  There were Jeri's school friends, her dance friends, family, extended family, Phillips friends, Virginia's tennis friends, neighbors and so many other friends.  It was quite a tribute to Jeri and a beautiful service.  I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for Jeri.  Once again, Randi sang.  This time it was with her friend, Jenny Goetz.  Their duets were very touching.  They sang "Amazing Grace" and "His Eye Is On the Sparrow."  The latter is from the movie, "Sister Act 2; Back In the Habit," and is the one that Jeri especially requested.  There were many moving tributes to Jeri that only reinforced what a special lady she was.
bullet8/19 - We've not yet made closure but are moving on.  Randi headed to Texas A&M today so we're "empty nesters" a lot sooner than we had planned.  That will be quite an adjustment.  I go back to work on Monday and Virginia starts arranging some much needed repairs around the house from some hail and water damage.  An early version of the family portrait taken on August 1 has been posted as promised.  I've also included the proof of Randi and Jeri together.  The family portrait was wider than my scanner so It's a bit cropped.  I'm sure I'll have a smaller version to scan in a few days.  The original is nice.  I've also posted the pictures and photo collages that were made for the memorial service.  The files are pretty large so make sure you've got lot's of time if you use a dial-up or other slow speed connection.  All are in the Photo Album section.  All that's really left to finish up this writing is the epilogue to the story.  I'll get that done next weekend, if not before.

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